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е място, което предразполага да отвориш сетивата си към майката природа. Докоснал се до корените си, човек започва да преоткрива живото край себе си. Нощувката в балон не е просто бягство от големия град. Това е изживяване, защото е трудно да заспиш, когато стените и таванът се движат, преливайки цветове и всеки миг е неповторим. Заслужава си да материализирате тази емоция в незабравима романтична вечер. Често ме питат топло ли е в балона. Аз не искам да предложа до болка познатия комфорт. Искам да запомните това място като мястото, където спахте под звездите, където се изкъпахте в студения вир, където се прегръщахте много защото беше хладно и усетихте топлина, която не е мимолетна, топлината в душата ви от преживяната емоция….


Домакините и самото място не предлагат просто настаняване. Посещението на къмпинг Синева е изживяване, което бих препоръчала.

Ние бяхме за малко, но определено ще се върнем отново.

Йорданка booking.com

1. Nikolay, the host, has been absolutely amazing - very careful and helpful without exaggerating. He himself has done a lot to change the place from an old deserted house to this super cosy and tidy place it is now. His personal touch is everywhere and that i think is so cool!

2. The Bubbles, of course! That is the main treat of the place. The view from the bubbles at the top of the camping is amazing (when weather behaves good :).
Nikolay was kind enough to also show me the two rooms he and his friends have transformed and, man, they have done an outstanding job!

3. The location is very convenient for some hike routes (the Eco path to Borov Kamak waterfalls start just like 100m away), Ledenika Cave is also easily accessible, and the view from Parshevica mount (1431m) is absolutely worth the effort. Bozhi Most is another pleasant an interesting place to visit around.

G. A. Krastev booking.com

The experience with the bubble tent was above our expectations. The air inside was fresh and nice to breathe. The feeling to watch the stars in the sky from the bed was wonderful.
We slept at 4°C outside temperature, but under the linen it was warm and cozy. Highly recommended.

Anastas booking.com

The whole experience. Everyone was friendly and we were made to feel very welcome.
Views are amazing, peaceful and tranquil setting.

Peter Zurcher booking.com

Really lovely place made with a lots of thought and happiness!! Great breakfasts and hosts!

Ellie And Matt booking.com

The hosts are great people and offered awesome accomodation and service for our 2 nights stay there (homemade breakfast, understanding for our late arrival and so on).

The location is marvelous in the autumn and I'm quite sure it will be during every other season.

The best thing however are the transparent bubble tents that offer unique atmosphere under the starry night sky making it a great place for a romantic retreat for couples.

Daniel Yosifov booking.com

You can tell that Nikolay & Tanya have put so much effort into this project and the attention to detail is amazing. We (family of 5) spent 2 nights here and had a brilliant time. You're surrounded by the Vratsa mountains and the stars which you can see from your bed.

Despite camping in nearly November we were snuggly warm with heaters & electric blankets. We even had piping hot water and fresh towels. We were thoroughly spoiled.

We'd all return again as we had so much fun and Nikolay is an amazing host. Thank you.

Emma booking.com

Страхотно изживяване е да спиш под звездите - свеж въздух, тишина и звезди. Ако мислите че ще ви е студено, твърдо не! Всичко е измислено и направено, дори до последния детайл в банята😊. А доманиките са толкова гостоприемни, че сякаш си си в къщи. Синева не може да се опише трябва да се усети❤️.

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    къмпинг “Синева”
    местност “Гладна”, 3042 Згориград


    GPS: 43˚10ˈ03,23ˈˈN 23˚30ˈ10,97ˈˈ E


    +359 886 555 885